Prize of Hope 2017

Prize of Hope 2017 Awarded to Henrik Hartman & C:NTACT

The Danish Institute for Popular Theater and Dell'Arte International invite you to the Prize of Hope at Aasen Theater in North Jutland, Denmark on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017. Starting at 1:30 PM this happy event includes a festive dinner, awards ceremony, theater, exhibition, music and dancing till dawn, with bonfire at sunrise.

The Prize of Hope is an international award whose vision is to promote a vibrant, vital, incisive and innovative popular art. The prize has been awarded in Denmark since 1989. Since 2008 the prize is awarded every second year in Denmark at Aasen Theater and every other year in the USA at Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake, California. DAI’s founding artistic director Joan Schirle will travel to Jutland to represent Dell’Arte at Aasen.

“The Prize of Hope is given to a person or a theater who has worked for human hope; daring, loving, vulgar, serious, poetic ... with sparkling energy against consumerist thinking, which is the greatest threat to our culture: for a world where people use their own eyes, ears, voice.” (Lars Olsen and Birthe Rosenfeldt, founders of the Hope Prize)

Prize awardees have included Dario Fo, Eugenio Barba and the Odin Teatret, Tim Robbins and the Actors Gang; Ariane Mnouchkine and Theatre du Soleil; Human Nature Theater of Petrolia, California; Geoff and Dan Hoyle; Cornerstone Theater of L.A. and many individual directors, actors and designers.

The 2017 Prize of Hope is awarded to C:NTACT and its founder, Henrik Hartmann. C:NTACT is an independent theatre and media organisation dedicated to social and cultural integration and education, based at the Edison stage in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. C:NTACT launches stage-, film-, radio- and journalistic productions in Denmark and elsewhere. Its core objective is to provide a platform for living encounters between people with different backgrounds in order to create dialogue and reconciliation, ideas, and visions.
C:NTACT offers a wide variety of production processes and workshops – primarily for and with young people. “Our principal task is to nurture and encourage the ability to communicate thoughts, dreams. Our target groups cooperate with our professional artists, teachers, and directors who assist them in creating and developing artistic products for large audiences.” C:NTACT creates intercultural encounters between people who otherwise would not have met. They now are the largest youth theatre in Denmark.

C: NTACT was founded by Henrik Hartmann shortly after the turn of the millennium as a challenge to the existing theater: "If the theater does not set an agenda, we are not worth a single bean. " Influenced by Jeremy Weller and the Grassmarket Project in Scotland, C: NTACT came out of a joy and interest in real life and true stories. C: NTACT insists on giving exposed people a voice. Suddenly they think: “I'm not alone. I stand with someone else who has the same problem as me. In addition, there are some who would like to hear about us and our lives.” Henrik Hartmann and the team are using their eyes to watch and learn. In creating C: NTACT Theater, Movies and Radio, “The living life becomes a real lesson. One could call it an art gallery, for people who look and listen. It is a vibrant and lush popular counterpart to art in an elevated temple. Here is life, and here is hope. Every person carries a hope and a wish to succeed.” At C: NTACT, the door is open to anyone who will try.
Congratulations to Henrik Hartmann and C: NTACT on being awarded the Hope Prize 2017!

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